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Retiring this blog

I will no longer be blogging at but after 3 years will be starting a new blog at All the best. G Advertisements

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My top 5 Flipped Classroom FAQs

Over the last couple of years I have been fortunate enough to connect with a large number of educators either at conferences or online. As people learn more and more about the Flipped Classroom they often have questions. I have … Continue reading

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A Simple Conversation

It is a form of abuse to put a test in front of a student when both the student and teacher know the test is going to result in failure. What is the point? Where does that get us? Does … Continue reading

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A Case for Boredom

  A couple months ago 60 Minutes did a piece on NY Times best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell. In the segment Gladwell recited a quote had heard from his mother as a child, “It is important to be bored, it gives … Continue reading

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Scaffolding Genius Hour

  One of the ironic things about Genius Hour is that it is all about giving students freedom over what and how they want to learn. They love this at first, at least they think they do, and then panic … Continue reading

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What fatherhood has taught me about teaching

A short seven months ago I was fortunate enough to become a father to an absolutely amazing baby girl. When people told me you never know love until you have a child they certainty were right! Watching our daughter grow … Continue reading

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Room for Improvement

Last month I led my class through our first attempt at Genius Hour and like anything new, there were some ups and some downs. Fortunately the ups far outweighed the downs, but the downs taught me more about my students … Continue reading

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