My 1st Interactive Video

In my last blog post I told you to stay tuned for my first interactive video….well

Here it is: Parent Information Video

(here is a low res. link if other isn’t working well Low Res. Link)

The video was a way for me to tell my parents about what the year will look like in my Flipped Classroom. Rather than doing an email or a newsletter I elected to create a video. As I learned the hard way with my initial flip videos if they are not short and to the point you can lose the viewer. I tried to keep it short and also bring some interactivity to it to personalize the experience.

I must admit while I was interested in making a video for my student’s parents I was more interested in seeing how the tools in Camtasia could help me make the video interactive. I was impressed with how easy it was to make callouts and use those callout to direct the viewers to links or other parts in the video. I liked how the videos can pause (a real pause rather than what youtube does) and also how at the end of a clip it can automatically go to a menu screen, exactly what I was looking for!

So where to next?

My hope it is to try to take the interactivity I used in my parent video and apply to a traditional Flipped Classroom instructional video. As I said in my last blog post I think adding interactivity to flip videos will make them more engaging and personal for my students. Now that I have played around with some of the bells and whistles in Camtasia I hope to produce a best practice lesson video of sorts……I plan to spend much longer than I normally would on a video but try to really think about the finer points that I just didn’t have time for in my first year flipping………How can this video help a strong student and a weak student? How can I differentiate the instruction as the video progresses? How can my students guide the video in the direction of their choice? How can I add inquiry? How can I make them shorter?

Before I sign off I must thank Doug Gray (@chatterdoug) and Merle Ross (@merleross51) from the McWilliams Education Center here at School District #23 in Kelowna, BC. Great ideas, help with production, editing, and finally even help hosting my video. Great guys!!! In addition, a big thanks once again the fine team at TechSmith who solved my interactivity problems quickly and gave me a lot of great feedback and suggestions along the way.


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4 Responses to My 1st Interactive Video

  1. Sascha Sciandra says:

    I will say I couldn’t go back to previous sections, not sure if this was a tablet issue or not. Loved the overall video though and its a great way to spend two hours getting in touch with parents instead of spending four hours calling all of them one by one, ugh what a drag. Almost through with your blog and I’m really curious how the day to day looks in your class. I think this will be an easy transition since I try to spend .33 of my time lecturing and .67 of my time letting the students do group work. But I am still doing the rigid method of complete by the end of the day and get your grade along with the one day window for testing. Very interested in how you use moodle and do your assessments, overall just how you’re integrating the tech into the classroom. Btw thought on the catan idea, wood and brick should be the most accessible 🙂

    • flippingmath says:

      Were you using the high resolution version or the low one. The entire video needs to load which is why for most the low res. one works better.

      If you are interested in what a day looks like in my class take a look at my youtube channel: and look for a the video ‘A day in my Flipped Classroom.

      Ya, maybe I should do a blog post specifically about how I assess using Moodle, good idea.

      • Sascha Sciandra says:

        I used hd so ya that could have been it too. Look forward to watching the videos.

  2. Sascha Sciandra says:

    So when running Moodle are you using apache or IIS as your server and are you running it off of windows or linux?

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